Who we are...

Who we are...

No, we are not a food truck; we bring everything with us in our cars and pop up at locals breweries and restaurants, bringing queso dip and latkes to all Charleston areas.  

After meeting in Charleston in 2017, we decided to merge our culinary experience together to create a unique experience all over Charleston. Although we have experience in many cuisines, we decided to focus on the food of our upbring, Jewish and Mexican food.  

Chef Jullian grew up in Centerville NC,with a mother who insisted on making dinner whenever she could afford the time. Working two full time jobs allows the time for "30 minute meals" such as enchiladas, carne asada tacos with refried beans, albondigas, and on occasion the whole day process for tamales. " My mother nurtured a love of food through the years making countless dishes that while unbeknownst to her I've been trying to recreate. Sometimes successfully other times not."

Chef Sam is a Charleston, SC native, who grew up with a more "Americanized" diet, consisting of chicken fingers, mac and cheese, and spaghetti pie. Occasionally on a sick day mom would make matzo ball soup. Sam was able to hone her craft cooking for herself, and occasionally starting small fires with oven mitts or latkes.  After dedicating a few years post-college to cooking other people's foods, she decided to forge her own path to bring the Jewish-style cooking that she loved to Charleston.

What we offer...

Pop Ups:

​With a variety of locations around Charleston, we offer Israeli-Mexican inspired dishes with fond memories from childhood and our careers in restaurants in Charleston, SC and Raleigh, NC.


We offer catering for all occasions. Chef Sam and Chef Jullian have amassed knowledge variety of cuisines.. From heavy and decadent Southern meals, and creamy and rich Italian dishes, to light and acidic dishes of the Mediterranean we can find the menu for you. We as chefs are always intrigued to work on and create new recipes and meals personally catered for the guest.


Find us at your favorite local events.  

Charleston YelpCon 2019

Lewis Barbeque Hatch Chili Roast 2019

Lowcountry Nosh 2019

Charleston Wine and Food 2020

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